Simplifying Business

Simplifying Business

It’s taken two and a half years of running a relatively successful freelance business to notice I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants ever since day one. As cliche as it sounds, I’m excited to kickstart the new year with a fresh set of goals, aspirations and challenges!


2013 was a great year for learning new and more efficient development workflows, networking and meeting other industry professionals and most importantly learning from mistakes and improving on obvious weaknesses.


Over the last few years I’ve tried every administration and accounting web service under the sun (Freshbooks, Xero, Wave, Billings, Numbers, Excel, among others) to make life easier and more efficient but I’ve concluded there’s no magic pill. The trick to making the admin side of creativity easier is to just give it more attention and care!

“Do shit instantly” - Dave Rupert


Accumulating a mass of software and hosting subscriptions, domains and email addresses has been my thing since the beginning but I’ve learnt the hard way that less is more! A good friend once told me, “Most business can be accomplished using only email and Dropbox”. I shrugged it off at the time but now I know he was 100% correct!

The 20+ domains, 8+ SAAS subscriptions (code management, project collaboration, cloud storage, accounting, etc.) and 4+ hosting providers have become a burden that I plan to ease by consolidating and cancelling in the first quarter of 2014.


Self promotion and blogging have proved to be the hardest challenge yet! I can’t count how many times I’ve designed and built this site only to file it in the trash without a single record of its existence.

It’s exciting to have finally found a content management system (Statamic) that actually makes publishing easier and enjoyable! I’m looking forward to writing a lot more often which has been a struggle since the start!


If you’re in the web industry and you haven’t read “Your Side Project as Insurance Policy” by Rachel Andrew, you’re missing out - especially if you’re living in southern Ontario right now! One of the greatest things about working for the web is having the ability to create something from nothing.

Over the last twelve months several exciting opportunities with the potential to make residual income have sprung up only to be cast aside because of busy schedules, learning curves and life in general. I’ve always enjoyed working with clients but I have to admit I’m really looking forward to setting a little more time aside for collaborative projects in 2014.


I’ll go on record as saying “A Moment to Breathe” by Nick Cox is the most influential article for the hard working or over achieving creative types!

“Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness” - Edward Smith-Stanley

I can’t recall how many nights sleep and life experiences I’ve lost over the years to work. If I can only accomplish one goal for 2014, I hope it’s to better my work/life balance by focusing more time and energy on health and family.

What about yourself! Have any goals or challenges for 2014?